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Hi, I’m Kate Lynch!

I'm an inclusive yoga and meditation teacher for deeply feeling, empathetic people (mainly parents) who are ready to take themselves off the back burner.

I'm the parent of an amazing atypical kid, and author of the upcoming book, Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents: The joys and struggles of raising neurodivergent kids.

I love teaching simple calming tools that you can access no matter how chaotic your life is. 

I teach yoga, meditation, and self-compassion to people who are ready for inner growth and emotional balance. I’ve seen that growth in thousands of students, and I'd be honored to support you as you care for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Healthy Happy Yoga is a welcoming space to breathe and open up to connection. We’re breaking cycles to co-create a more inclusive future.

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Gather at BAX in Park Slope, Brooklyn for gentle yoga, guided meditation, and relaxation. 

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“With Kate, you’ll be in really good hands, and feel comfortable. Her approach is soothing, while still getting right to the work. She’s very knowledgeable, and has a way of teaching acceptance with gentleness, curiosity, and compassion.”

-Emily G.

"The classes are friendly, fun and always include something that I need. It is great to have the videos for when I can't join live." 

-Susanne J.

“Although the yoga is gentle, I do feel stronger after the class and am also more relaxed. If a heavy workout is what you have in mind, it might not be right for you. If you’re looking for a peaceful yoga practice with a great community of people and a kind and knowledgeable instructor, it would be perfect.”

-Lisa M.


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